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Originally Posted by biny
I'm glad someone understands!!!

But you know what you never see??? A COMPLIMENTS FORUM!!!

No one ever bothers to thank these guys for their hard work and for making such a great game!!! I hereby compliment them for a marvelous game, for such dazzling work and for such a wonderful inlet into the world of Star Wars!!

Thank you!

You're the s

That's funny, I thank LucasArts and their third party developers everytime I create a website about a game they've created, without which the site would be nothing! (except for Boot Camp, which is done in character)

Next thing you know we'll be called ungrateful for criticizing problems in a beta (which is the JOB of beta testers anyway!). It doesn't make sense!

Anyway, you make a good point, since this is not a COMPLIMENTS FORUM forum (LucasArts and Pandemic don't even have anything like that), you need not worry about only expressing positive opinions about their work. We're a fan site, we wouldn't exist if we weren't fans. But that doesn't mean we have to keep our mouths shut about these things, even if they sound negative. But go ahead and start your own forum if you want, and put only compliments in it, if you wish. But, and not to ramble here, but why bother testing a game or creating patches at all? If everybody just accepts it in the first version, then there's no reason to solicite feedback or try to improve anything. Think about it...

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