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Pop-ups try to edge in on our human insecurity. They're like satan mosquitos.

Speaking about Satan he was the only one to get an A on the science project in class. Everyone else failed. I had an A+ in that class prior to it and I got a D+ on the test.


Oh..don't worry Agent Sarah, every girl in Psychonauts is Lili to me. I read a fanfiction of Psychonauts and there's an unamed female. LILI!

I did another day at Whispering Rock.

Iíve passed it, yes I have passed it! Amazing, no? While all of the other campers were allowed to have fun for at least a few more hours I was stuck inside of Oleanderís brain sliding down ramps of enourmous peril. You cannot believe how scary they are. Itís not the heights anymore, I got over that long long ago. Itís the impending doom of smashing your face into pure steel at twenty miles an hour. Just because Iím projecting myself doesnít mean it doesnít hurt. I could still feel my skin ripping off the flesh. Lovely mental image, isnít it?

How did I get past that machine gun? I ran like hell. So yes, anyone who needs to get past the gun and is a loser like me, just run. Thereís no hope in trying strategy tactics.

The log oí doom is simply a parlor trick. Just keep on walking.

Iím starting to sound all athletic and cool. Truth be told, I was in a fetal positon upon looking at it but I got through no problem. Itís really just my bad nerves that made it seem worse.

When I finally got the bade there was no warm fuzzy feeling or big ceremony. I just got kicked out. MehÖat least now I can actually eat food as Iím not penned in at the cabins.
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