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NPC (non playable character)
Name: Eledur Minklea
Age: 7422
Appearence: Wears a white tunic, has blue eyes long silver hair.
Sex/Gender: Male
Weapons: White Staff with gold crusts and a shining silver diamond on top and two twin long blades.
Species: Wizard
Class: White Wizard
History: Leader of the Wizards on Rourge and most feared by Warlocks, Eledur the white is known throughout the land as the greatest wizard alive.

The battle carried on, Seraph was lying now on the ground with two arrows on his chest, Naomi kept guarding him with desperate attempts that would soon seem futile, then out of nowhere came a light, a blinding light that scared the blackguilder away, a wizard with white robes and a white staff held high in the air was shining with a bright white light, the army fled that area and Naomi set down and transformed again into her human-like form, the white wizard approached Seraph, and with a little movement of his hand over him the arrows shot out of Seraph's body and the wounds closed.

- "Thank you sir" - Seraph said.
The wizard held out his hand to help the young draconian up.
- "You were lucky I passed by your highness, or you would be dead, as powerful as you have become you are reckless" - the wizard said.
- "Who are you kind sir?" - Naomi asked approaching the wizard.
- "I am Eledur Minklea, also known as "Eledur ,The White"" - the wizard said.
- "Thank you Master Eledur, but we have to get going Recca and Zon must be fighting down there still" - Seraph said.
- "Then let us go down, transform young ones and let us join your mates" - Eledur said and the Draconians transformed and Eledur rode on Seraph's back and they flew down to where Recca and Zon were standing.

- "All clear here I see?" - Seraph asked facing Recca and Zon putting down the Wizard gently on the floor before transforming back top his human-like form.

Formerly known as "Miracle"

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