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this mod does not work

I tried out this mod a couple days ago (may have been a previous version) and it doesn't seem to work at all.

The auto-install does not complete correctly. It seems to skip the section where it's supposed to create backups.

If you try to select vader as the PC (new character creation) you get a blank head model (invisible or headless) and when you load the game past the prolog (I.E. where you emerge from the kolto tank) the game freezes at the black screen, though the game music continues to play the game will not load. If you try to equip the vader armor on an already made character you can put the armor on but you can not move, you can stand there and flourish your saber (realy cool flourish though) but when you try to move you just "run in place" and dont go anywhere.

The "Holowan plugin (TSL)" has a version of this armor that is usable though it splits the armor in seperate robes and helmet. Unfortunatly the helmet model in this version is set to far forward and the back of the PC head protrudes through the back of the helmet. This may not be as ovious if you use a PC with black hair but for a bald or light hair colored PC this is painfully obvious.

Thanks for your time and i sincerly hope these errors can be corrected as this would be one hell of a mod if it worked as it should.

PS. tried this one out seems to be a new version. got past character creation and into the game. past where i previously mentioned teh freeze-up. Character creation is still headless though you do get the vader prtrait. aside from that minor asthetic gripe this mod seems to mork much beter than the previous version.

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