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Originally Posted by Purple Squid
Heh, maybe. I was in the... something. Whatever it was, it was a BAD COASTER. You know how they're supposed to make you excited? Well, this one WAS JUST UNFAIR. It was pitch black, as in NO LIGHTS, and there were LOOPS. I hate loops. And my seatbelt came undone and my mom had to hold onto me the rest of the time. And you know what we said before we went in?

Me- Mom, I don't want to go. Teenagers are crying.
Mom- They're just trying to scare you. <3
HAH! Teenagers always cry. I think when you're younger you care less about such things as death.

When I was about 8 or so I went on Dare Devil Dive. You know the one that goes 150 feet up into the air and you're hanging by one cord. Then they go " off."

I let go of the cord and for a half of a second my stomach was free-falling, zero g's. And then I was falling, flying towards the ground only to swoop up and suspend in the air for what seemed like a minute.

They were playing "Let me Clear my Throat" on the radio.
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