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that didnt last because i
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Just then, four men cloaked in dark black capes emerged from nowhere. They approached the group quickly, as just then the new boy and Raz jumped down from seemingly nowhere. Vernon followed quickly as well, pushing back the spiders and beasts. "Wait," said Raz, "where'd you come from?"

The boy looked at Raz, taking off his visor. "First of all, I have a name. It's Robert. Robert Benton Awaoru. And second," he said, looking up with pure red eyes (as in, not just the pupils, but complete red.) "I'm as much in control of this mind as my dad."

More spiders, and some antlions came from burrows in the ground, and he lifted one of them up, ripping it open with his mind. He flung its rock-hard cold parts into the crowd, warping into the crowd and bringing his fists down, flinging the beasts around. "Get ready for the really weird part," he said. "This is his childhood memories."

They entered a battlefield - a gigantic dead battlefield. "He was a junior medic. He had to get all the wounded into medical stations. He got shot in the eye, too."

As he walked further, grass turned to sand, and giant beasts came from all sides, waiting for their chance to strike. "Don't take your eyes off them," he said. "Welcome to the Fistful of Sand."

Raz, Vernon, and Robert all marched at the front of the line, keeping close eyes on them. "If even one of them is watched, they won't jump us. Don't blink." Just then, a dust storm kicked up, and they were blinded. In the silence and blackness, the three were suddenly surrounded.

"Oh christ, this is what I was afraid of," said Robert.

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