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The auto-install does not complete correctly. It seems to skip the section where it's supposed to create backups.
In the new version of it is not present? At me in old and new version installation always passed normally.

If you try to select vader as the PC (new character creation) you get a blank head model (invisible or headless) and when you load the game past the prolog (I.E. where you emerge from the kolto tank) the game freezes at the black screen, though the game music continues to play the game will not load. If you try to equip the vader armor on an already made character you can put the armor on but you can not move, you can stand there and flourish your saber (realy cool flourish though) but when you try to move you just "run in place" and dont go anywhere.
It almost completely is corrected. Blank-head model of that in my model a body and a head - a single whole.
If at a choice of the character it is visible not blank-head model, that, at opening a window of a choice of character, game takes off In other cases all works.

The "Holowan plugin (TSL)" has a version of this armor that is usable though it splits the armor in seperate robes and helmet. Unfortunatly the helmet model in this version is set to far forward and the back of the PC head protrudes through the back of the helmet. This may not be as ovious if you use a PC with black hair but for a bald or light hair colored PC this is painfully obvious.
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