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- "It will be best if you stay behind me child, there is no need to stay behind" - Eledur said to Recca then he adressed the council.

- "What I have to say, you all have to hear, I can not believe what Zon has told me, you actually intended to surrender to the Harak-Sepu? To what end, I ask you? A few moments of peace? There is no peace, there is someone pulling the strings of the human emperor, and until he is discovered, we the people of the seven kingdoms must come together, or we will perish, now you banish this poor girl...why? do you even know? It is your arrogance and blindness that has set this fate upon I'm here to help correct some wrongs that had been done, if you surrender now, I will not protect the city and withdraw my council, for such weakness of heart and mind I cannot endure, so what say you?" - Eledur said and awaited answer.

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