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Anyone successful doing anything?

So far i've tried:
copying over kamino into it, under a folder called KAM with the file name i got from the missions.lvl file. but that just closes the server...

I've tried copying kamino into MYG folder.. calling the file myg1.lvl -- that also closes the server. because i don't really know anything about modding i tried copying over the header from the tantive level over the header of the kamino one, this loaded the server correctly -- but it's exactly the same as what happens when you dont have /MYG anyway (EXCEPT a circle where the mini-map should be!!)

Then I tried to mod the tantive level, so i put yoda over the rifleman part.. whenever the server loads when it says this; it says the file tan1.lvl is missing! even though when i use the original mission.lvl it's back to normal....

....... so basically, i havn't been able to do anything - even though it's my first attempt at modding at all.

anyone been successful doing anything??
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