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Arrow Batch files are SO superior to command line shortcuts

Here's the contents of one of my batch files as a template you can use:

Note, the parts in < >'s must be filled in by you with your info or the file will be useless! Don't leave any < >'s in the final file of course.

Save it in a file with the extension .bat and put the file into the directory with your SWBF2 exe. You can create a shortcut to it to put on your desktop too for your convenience!

Stuff in bold may be altered for your convenience, but those are probably good values to use.

"<Location of your SWBF2 Exe file>" /nointro /win /norender /autonet dedicated /resolution 320 240 /nosound /throttle 256 /gamename <name of your server, no spaces!> /playerlimit 4 /noaim /adminpw <your admin password, you still need to log in of course!> /playercount 0 /noteamdamage /sideselect /bots 4 /difficulty 3 /spawn 3 tan1g_con 200 200 uta1g_con 200 200 tan1c_con 200 200 uta1c_con 200 200 uta1g_1flag 200 200 tan1c_1flag 200 200 spa1g_ass 200 200 spa1g_1flag 200 200
My exe file location is: "C:\games\swbf2beta\GameData\BattlefrontIIEngBeta. exe" but your's will be different. I think the default is like C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\something something along those lines. So find your's and type it in exactly.

You can put the maps in whatever order you want. Those I listed above are all the map combinations I know that work. You can also adjust the number of forces each side has on each map if you wish. There are of course many other options, but the above is what I use.

1) Run the batch file. It should spawn another window for Star Wars Battlefront II Beta. You may then close the batch file DOS box window.

2) Fire up Star Wars Battlefront II beta.

3) Go to Multiplayer and refresh the Internet list, locating your server by name.

4) Join your own server. Then join a team or spectate.

5) Go to the public chat (make sure you type CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY!).

6) Type in:

/ADMIN /LOGIN <your admin password you set in the file above!>

It should say you were logged in (in red). If not, repeat the step until you are logged in. If you type it wrong, you'll broadcast your password to everyone in the game, so be careful!

Once you're logged in, the sky's the limit! The server is your's!

Now if you want your server NON-Dedicated, leave off the option in the batch file above. The resolution doesn't need to be set in the file either if it's not dedicated... so delete that line with the 320 business. And then just set your own custom resolution in the game's normal setup options.

If you want to run a game alone, either put a password on it:

\password <your password here, note this is NOT your admin password!>

Or set it to a lan game, using \lan

Good luck!

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