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As for the hero commands, you'll have to play around with these until you locate the info you want, unless someone else is willing to post for you what they all do exactly (I'm fairly satisfied with whatever the defaults are):

\heroes (on by default, 0 to turn off completely I believe)

Here's the ones to play with:

\herorespawn # (amount of seconds it takes to respawn when you choose a hero?)

\herorespawnval # (how is this different from above?)

\heroteam # (probably the number of heroes simultaneously on per team)

\herounlock # (probably how many kills you need to unlock a hero)

\herounlockval # (different from above?)

\heroplayer # (perhaps the total number of heroes allowed in a match at once?)

Other potentially useful stuff:

\autoteam 0 (this is the default, you can choose your team)

Your player name I believe depends on your Gamespy account name.
I'm not sure about changing your own name in-game, that's something I've
never tried. But you can set any name for your server.

Note that some values show up differently in ASE (All-Seeing Eye and other server browser programs) vs. ingame. For example ASE lists "aidifficulty" but in the batch file it's set with \difficulty. Likewise in ASE it's "invincibility time" but \spawn in the batch setting (for respawn invulnerability time in seconds).

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