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Could someone please answer my post?

Originally Posted by SBF_Dann_Boeing
Ok sry but I'm not good at things like this, could you just give me the text for the batch file for the following format:

My BF2 Beta folder is located in: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

Dedicated server off, Username [SBF]DannBoeing, Server name [SBF]DannBoeing, 50 player slots, Heros available immediately and randomly among players, an unlimited amount of use for heros, have up to 5 jedi at once per team (I'm not sure if thats possible or not), Difficulty 2, no password, teams are player select, resolution 1280 by 1024, friendly fire is off, all maps avaible in all modes multiple times, with a 200 to 200 counter.

If you could give me the text of this batch file I would really appreciate it and it would be a lot easier for me on my part, I'm horrible with programming and stuff like this.

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