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Originally Posted by Alphanaut64
My creepiest moment in the game was Sheegor in the asylum. she scaried me half to death! And I don't see anything scary about the nightmares in Milla's mind!!!Fred losing a board game to a retard like Crispin,now that's scary! milla's nightmare didn't scare me at all!
As much as we care if something didn't scare you, this board is not for telling people that what scares them doesn't scare you. SO GRRRRRR.

Crispin isn't a retard, he's obviously very dignified and sarcastic. I don't know what the dilly-o was when he beat Fred at Waterloo, because he certainly seemes quite insane at the time... maybe he is autistic, Smon. I know an autistic kid, and he's very smart. He just has the social skills of a rock.

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