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There you go, there it is! Except for the heroes part, which I'm working on now. But I do suggest you learn how the values work, otherwise how will you ever admin your server?

I added in the hero stuff but haven't even tested it yet, so try this (you MUST edit this to put in your password of course!)

"C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II Beta\GameData\BattlefrontIIEngBeta.exe" /autonet listen /resolution 1280 1024 /throttle 256 /gamename [SBF]DannBoeing /playerlimit 50 /noaim /adminpw <yourpasswordhere!> /playercount 0 /noteamdamage /sideselect /bots 4 /difficulty 3 /spawn 3 /noherounlock /heroplayer /heroteam /herorespawn tan1g_con 200 200 uta1g_con 200 200 tan1c_con 200 200 uta1c_con 200 200 uta1g_1flag 200 200 tan1c_1flag 200 200 spa1g_ass 200 200 spa1g_1flag 200 200
Use the above to create your batch file! Make sure the text above is ALL ON THE SAME LINE (ie: not in paragraph form in the batch file, with word-wrap off in notepad)

Edit: Arggh! Goofed it up again, here's the real deal, at last (I hope!).

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