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Okay, found some interesting info on the beta forum, that might help:

Originally Posted by FiX iT
/heroes 1 /hrunlock 5 /hrunlockvalue 5 /hrplayer 7 /hrteam 2 /hrrespawn 2 /hrrespawnvalue 5

Here’s what I’ve tested and confirmed. /hrunlock unlocks the hero based on points, kills and so on. Each has a representative number but no one is sure which number is for which one. I have tested and confirmed that 3= points and 4=kills. The way I tested it is with the /hrunlockvalvue.

/hrunlockvalue determines how much or how many of what ever you picked for /hurnlock is needed to unlock the heroes.

When I ran my server with /hrunlock 3 /hrunlockvalue 14. The hero was unlocked when I reached 14 points. If I then ran my server with /hrunlock 3 /hrunlockvalue 25. The hero unlocked when I reached 25. So I know 3 is points and /hurnlockvalue is not a 1 to 5 setting.

When I ran my server with /hrunlock 4 /hrunlockvalue 4 the heroes unlocked after I got 4 kills. When I ran my server with /hrunlock 4 /hrunlockvalue 1 the heroes unlocked after my first kill.

I changed the value many times and it was consistent. So I’m pretty sure /hrunlock 3 is points, and /hrunlcok 4 is kills and /hrunlockvalue is not limited to a 1 to 5 option. It would be great if someone would test this to double check. I could be wrong.

Still not sure what /hrunlock 1 or 2 will do and I also can't figure out /hrplayer /hrteam /hrrespawn /hrrespawnvalue. I can only guess like everyone else has. I would like to know if someone has used specific numbers and gotten specific results.

Ok, looks like we are getting somewhere. What about /hrplayer /hrteam and why is there a number afer /heroes if all it does in turn it on.

/heroes 1 /hrunlock 5 /hrunlockvalue 5 /hrplayer 7 /hrteam 2 /hrrespawn 2 /hrrespawnvalue 5

I'm guessing /hrplayer is where you set who gets to be the hero. Best, worst, most and so on. But is it 1 - 7 and what does each number represent?

I'm guessing (and this is a big guess) /hrteam sets how many times you get skipped before you can play again. So if it's at 2, two other people play as a hero before you can.

I also noticed the heroes don't unlock on both sides at the same time. Could /hrteam or even /heroes factor into that? If you set it to /heroes 1 (that's what I've seen used) and you must reach 14 points to unlock, will someone need to reach 14 more points before the other side gets a hero?
Originally Posted by Le_Jedi_Fou
I'm pretty sure /hrunlock 1 = time
So /hrunlock 1 and /hrunlockvalue 5 = hero unlocked 5 seconds after the 1st player has spawned.


/hrunlock 2 is for total tickets (spawns) for any team, but beware because you need to multiply by2
/hrunlock 2 and /hrunlockvalue 80 = when any team reaches 160 tickets, the heroes are unlocked

Edit 2

/hrrespawn is the mode you select to make the hero respawn after he has been killed.

/hrrespawn 2 = time (seconds)
/hrrespawn 2 and /hrrespawnvalue 10 = the hero can respawn 10 seconds after he has been killed

They do count for tickets.

/hrteam is supposed to set which team can play the heroes.
Team A, Team B, both but only one at a time (Team A then Team B), both at the same time, etc...

However I have no clue about the values...

/hrplayer is supposed to select the player who can play the hero. Either less kills, most kills, less death, most death, less points, most points, random and maybe last hero slayer.

Again, I haven't tested the values (hard to test it when you're alone against the bots )

And for /heroes commande, I don't know why there is a value next to it. Didn't see any difference.
Originally Posted by Darth Nihilus
I found out one value for /hrplayer.
1 is the value i found out 1 will be whatever u set /hrunlock to be e.g.:if u set /hrunlock to 4 for the hero to be unlocked by acheiving a certain number of kills
well then 1 would mean the player with the most kills (after the hero has been unlocked) would get to play as the hero so basically if u set /hrplayer to 1 if u needed to achieve a certain number of points to unlock the hero then the person with the most points would be able to play as the hero so really whoever unlocks it plays as the hero or if u unlocked the hero and someone on the other team had more kills than u they would be able to play as the hero.

wow this stuff is hard to put into words

i hope this info helps
Originally Posted by ohreally
omg thanks I just made a server where I can play as heroes all the time

if anyone wants to know:

cd\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II Beta\GameData\

BattlefrontIIEngBeta.exe -/nointro/win /norender /nosound /autonet dedicated /resolution 320 240 /gamename ALL_MODES /tps 20 /playerlimit 1 /playercount 1 /bots 10 /noaim /difficulty 3 /heroes 1 /hrunlock 1 /sideselect /hrunlockvalue 1 /hrplayer 7 /hrteam 2 /hrrespawn 2 /hrrespawnvalue 10 /pregametime 1 /voicemode 2 /throttle 6144 /spawn 1 /netregion NA tan1c_1flag 200 200
Good luck!

PS: Kudos to the guys on the beta forum!

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