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(( Hey, Fisto-Kit, just so you know, Kaitlyn is a PC of mine. She can't die unless I say so. Sorry to sound so bossy! And Jedi, Should I engawe in combat with you or not? I don't want to ruin any plans you had. ))

Gus looked hard into Jax's eyes. He felt terribly ill again. That dang fever... "Jax... I..... It's just so hard to... you..." Gus had a hard time explaining. Jax's destiny was like his own, but Jax didn't know that. So was Stu's... but he couldn't tell Jax that... if this Jax was even his friend anymore....

98 percent of the teenage population has tried some type of drug or underage drinking at some point. Put this in your sig if you like potatoes.
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