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List of maps possibly in the Final Version...

Of course I took the lazy way out and just copied this list from the directories in the SWBF2 beta.

So it may not look anything like this, but perhaps you can help me with a few of them:

bes1 (Bespin from SWBF1)
bes2 (Bespin #2 from SWBF1)

cor1 (Coruscant?)

dag1 (Dagobah)

dea1 (Deathstar)

end1 (Endor from SWBF1)

gal_con (Galactic Conquest... any MP this time?)

geo1 (Geonosis, from SWBF1)

hot1 (Hoth from SWBF1)

kam1 (Kamino from SWBF1)

kas1 (Kashyyk From SWBF1?)
kas2 (Kashyyk #2? From SWBF1? Docks removed or not?)

mus1 (Mustafar)

myg1 (Mygeeto)

nab1 (Naboo from SWBF1)
nab2 (Naboo #2 from SWBF1)

pol1 (Polis Masaa)

rhn1 (Rhen Var from SWBF1)
rhn2 (Rhen Var #2 from SWBF1... removed or not?)

tan1 (Tantive IV, in beta)*

tat1 (Tatooine from SWBF1)
tat2 (Tatooine #2 from SWBF1)
tat3 (Tatooine #3 from SWBF1.. Jabba's Palace?)

uta1 (Utapau, in beta)*

yav1 (Yavin from SWBF1)
yav2 (Yavin #2 from SWBF1)

spa1-9 (space maps! other than Yavin* in beta... Endor, Coruscant, what else? "over death star" battles?)

fel1 (???Baron Fel?)

cam_p1 (???Camus?)
cam_p2 (???Camus #2?)
Word has it that any maps ported from SWBF1 will be "tweaked and revamped."

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