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This is my server batch file:

"C:\Star Wars Battlefront II Beta\GameData\BattlefrontIIEngBeta.exe" /win /norender /nosound /nomovies /autonet dedicated /resolution 320 240 /gamename test /adminpw **** /tps 30 /playerlimit 20 /playercount 1 /noteamdamage /difficulty 2 /heroes 1 /hrunlock 3 /hrunlockvalue 2 /hrplayer 1 /password galactic /hrteam 3 /hrrespawnvalue 0 /hrrespawn 0 /pregametime 5 /ai /nostartupmusic /nointro /ShowAllServers /sideselect /nowait /ShowAllSessions spa1g_ass spa1g_1flag

No matter what the playerlimit is set to, it always goes to 4 when i look at it on the server browser unless the alue i put in is less than 4. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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