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"It's not a prophecy Jax. It's true." He knew Jax wouldn't understand this... "The ''prophecy'' was written by The Dark Lord Kenobi. My great granfather. It was a glimpse of the far future. Of us. Of the new Sith. I don't want this to happen either. I'd rather suicide than become a Sith! But we can't stop our destinies..." There was a long moment of silence. "It will happen just like... like what happened to me when Lars was disguised as you! I won't be able to help it. We can't control it! It's going to happen somehow, someday! Don't you get it!?" his eyes filled with tears as he punched Jax across the jaw. "I'm sorry Jax, but we can't stop it..." He threw another punch towards his chest. He didn't want to fight one of his best friends... but it was his only choice. "AHAHAHAH! FOOLS!" a voice from above kackled. "REZILLO!?" "COME OUT YOU SON OF A-"

(( Hey, Red! we're talking about a post from our last Phantom thread. ))

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