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Originally Posted by Smon
Well then why was he in the Asylum? I understand he was half-blind but we have this cool new thing called glasses! He had to have SOME mental disability. Maybe he was autistic?
No one wants to see his face. It's absoulutly gorss. I bet when he went into the glasses shop the person dropped dead just looking at him.

well if you opened the vaults in waterloo world you'd know.But after the asylum,Crispin is a decent character.I loved the voice acting......but they should have put more of him in the game.P.S. if Crispin is an orderly,why is he wearing a straight jacket?
Well..not decent. He's really interesting though, how he carries himself and how he see the world through his half-blind eyes. Crispin is probably wearing his straitjacket from the time he was in the asylum and never saw a reason to take it off and Loboto was not going to push the issue.

He's straitjacket pretty cool. He has this whole color coordination with it.

A fun thing to do is to see into his mind and go back and forth. Loboto attacks!

I'm going to make a montage of that.
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