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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Q. Describe 3 instances where pilots went extra-vehicular (across all 3 films) ?

2 point bonus - a pic of any instance

Wooo!! Good question.

By "across all 3 films" I believe you are referring only to the orignal trillogy. I'm sure we can think of more if the prequels were included.

1. In ESB on the asteroid Han Leia and Chewie left the Falcon to examine the cave/space slug.
2. In ESB Lando leaves the Falcon to retreive Luke from the weather vane.
3. In ESB, during the asteroid chase, a TIE pilot jumps out of the TIE before it is destroyed. This is a split second clip, but it's there.

Not sure if this is what you were wanting, but it's what I got (tell us what events you were thinking of). Whether I'm right (plus the bonus for the pic) or wrong, here's another question:

Q: Put these ROTJ events in order: I'll give 2 points for this one.
a. Emperor Palpatine is killed
b. Falcon's communication antenna is ripped off
c. Wedge blows up power regulator
d. Han blows up shield generator
e. Luke takes Vader's mask off
f. Luke shocked by force lightning
g. Lando enters Death Star superstructure
h. Executor is destroyed

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