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Thumbs up Wrist Console 1.5 Released!

I'm pleased to announce that version 1.5 has been released!

You can download it off of my website here and over at PCGM here.

For those who only want to patch the mod and not reinstall it, scroll to the patch instruction section of this post...

New Features:
* Ability to teach player-only force powers to other party members (such as 'force crush')
* Added new modification information menus, including a "what's new" section.
* Added a new website for my modifications, available at
* Ability to use other (2) armband mods from within the wrist console
..* Compatible with: Chainz.2da's Hak Pad.
..* Compatible with: Stoffe -mkb-'s Combat Arena
* Bypass feature can now remove the bypass key items by selecting the appropriate option.

Bug Fixes:
* No bugs needed to be fixed

Patch Instructions:
* [Replace] 'wristconsole.dlg'
* [Replace] 'defmod_party.ncs'
* [Replace] 'defmod_benches.ncs'
* [Add File] 'defmod_c_arena.ncs'

If you experience any bugs, please post them in this topic or on my forums which can be found here

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