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Originally Posted by splitsecond
Jake looked over towrds Renee "WTF?" he thought as the light made them shirnk away "hmmmm.. I got hey Renee aim the light at this" Jake made an Ice prism and started to point at it "quickly"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
tag Renee
"OK I'll try!" Renee cried trying to focus the light on the prism. After a couple of tries(sp?) Renee was finally able to focus the light on the prism.

Light exploded from the prism in every direction hitting the spiders and making them shrivle(sp?) up like rasins(sp?).

The spiders dissappeared and suddenly there was a rumbling noise.

"Ahhh! What the hell!? Robert what's going on?" Renee asked grabbing Gwen and Jake's arms. Renee, Jake, and Gwen ran over to Raz, Robert, and Vermon.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
Sorry for controling your characters for a moment guys, but it just seemed to fit.

Anyway tag to Robert.
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