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that didnt last because i
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Robert produced a psychic weapon from his mentality, and struck forth at the beasts, and Vernon psi-blasted others way. Raz pushed all his telekinesis to shove one of the beasts away, and Robert flung his pole into the sand. Everything drained out, like a giant bathtub. As the color was sucked out of the world through a vortex in the sky, Robert lit up a thought bubble torch and held it above him. It was, in fact, a giant floodgate. "Just what I thought. We're going through Aquatic Horror. We've been cursed never to swim."

"...So have I!" claimed Razputin, shocked.

"Great," groaned Robert. "Two of us can't swim, and Dad's on the wrong side of this mess." Tears welled up into his pure red eyes, and he lowered his visor and turned it slightly to the side. "Here it comes." The gates began to explode, and as they were forced into the water, the Hands of Galochio reached for all of them. Through his tears, he forced a path through the water. As a Hand reached into the path, he store intently at it, and it snapped, breaking into just normal water. He saw at the far end his father, being carried away by black cloaked beasts. Though his tears, he lost control of the water.

They were sucked back in, and the boy swam towards the airlock. He held on to Raz, shoving the Hands out of his way. Vernon casually swam behind, as the Hands parted for them. The airlock swung open, and they all came inside, those behind were sucked in. Pressurized air blew down, and the airlock disconnected from the very earth, into space.

"We're going in," said Robert, jamming open the sliding double-door combo with his Psychic Staff.

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