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Originally Posted by splitsecond
Jake stood up "what the heck just happend" he sadi while wringing out his shirt "I could have swore we were fighting spiders in a desert and then water came out of know where" Jake looked around nobody was there "great i'm alone" he thought to himself he made a mental note of his surroundings and started to walk


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"Where the hell am I?" Renee asked picking herself off the ground.

Renee noticed that she was in a room... alone The shadows seemed to be alive... begging her to come closer. Three doors appeared in front of her all of them were making some strange sound.

The door on the left was making some weird breathing sound. The door in the middle was making a growling sound. The last door was making a hissing sound. "They all sound soo inviting(sp?)" Renee said sarcacticly(sp?). "Which one should I go through?" Renee asked herself.

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