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Originally Posted by splitsecond
Jake did a backflip and dodge the lions claws by an inch "what the heck first i'm being chased by footsteps now this" Jake made an icycle and threw it at the lion it hit him but it did'nt hurt him jus distracted him "come on Renee" Jake ran threw the middle door
"Comming!" Renee said trying to follow Jake, but the lion blocked her way.

"I guess I have to go a different way!" Renee called after Jake.

Renee ran through the door that was hissing. A Giant Serpent came out of the door just barely missing Renee.

Without a second thought Renee jumped onto the serpent's back and slid down it.

"Ahhhh... Wait a second... WEEEEEEEE!"Renee cried happily.
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Sorry I had to do that.
Tag to Jake.
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