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that didnt last because i
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Up above them still in the station, Raz, Robert and Vernon marched through the pathway, Robert emminating a red glow. As he saw some shadows pass through a door, he produced another psychic weapon, a halberd. He used it to break open the door, chasing after the shadow. It turned to him, and its face was his own.

He growled. Both of them moved like a mirror, mimicing eachothers' moves as they paced in a circle. Each intimidating move closer was done routinely, each slight movement, an eye twitch to a miniscule facial movement. Nothing was unexpected. The shadow struck out first, quickly and suddenly, and Robert grabbed its hand and threw it to the ground. However, the shadow was omnipotent, and as he went to step on it, it moved its form around his foot, reforming just away from him.

"I am everything that went wrong in your upbringing," said the shadow, laughing. "We are all the Nine Guilts of Jin Awaoru." Quickly it smothered him, crushing him into the wall, and it laughed. As it took a step back and pummeled the defenseless Robert, an anxious Vernon dove forward to tackle it, furious.

"I'm tired of all you bullies pushing everyone around," he droned, bringing his fists down on it. "I'm tired of you beating up people you know you can, just for fun." He stomped it into the ground. He tore it apart, as a white shell of it shed out the sky out the Psycho-Portal. Robert got up, and stared straight at Vernon, who looked straight for the door, walking out and opening it, without a word. As they walked further, they met up with Renee and Jake.

They brought the group forward to a dark room, where a shadow lie in the floor. It slowly got up, rotating its head like it were on an axis at the front of the neck. It groaned senselessly and approached the group.

"Battle time," said Robert once more.

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