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Jax looked up.
"I will never turn to the dark side. You can think what you want. Nothing but me has control over my life"
Jax walked away. He had to find Rezillo. Jax entered the throan room. Rezillo had his back to him. Rezillo held up a hand and the doors behind Jax slid closed and locked.
"no one will interupt us..." Rezillo said softly. He Turned. His hood covered his face in shadow. He pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it. He walked towards Jax.
"At last we meet...for the final time. yes, I've waited a long time for this"
"I bet you have" Jax said through gritted teeth
"The day where one of us walks away as the most powerful sith in the galaxy"
"Only one problem with that theory, I will never turn into a sith"
" shall not win. Only your hatred can destroy me"
Jax pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it
"If you win you will fall"
"I will win and I will not fall"
Rezillo smiled
"We will see about that"


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