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Originally Posted by Purple Squid
A cab... to nowhere. And this nowhere would be the most beautiful nowhere in the history of nowheres. As long as he was with Fred, it didn't matter.

Sneak peek to my new Boyd/Fred fanfic! I kid.

BUT. It's his job to 'whitewash' everything and make sure no evidence is left behind. Only milk. I always figured his mind was 'set free' after he did what he was supposed to do.

Why are the G-Men 'argh'? Because one of them is pining for Becky, and she is not returning his calls.
The G-men are like "Argh" Because they're screen time was cut short by censors. Why are there censors in the cabs? ARGH!

When he took out the flaming milk we assume his job is to whitewash the asylum. Which is partly true. But who his boss is and what his job is can be taken two different ways.

I thought that one of his bosses was Oleander. Pretty obvious as Oleander hypnotized him..yadda..yadda..yadda.

But Boyd could also be seen as the boss. This is hard to explain but it has to do with his job which I will get to.

The job Oleander gave him was to watch over the asylum which he started to do. But Boyd thought that the milkman had something to do with it and when the milkman came (himself) he felt he finished that job and needed to follow his next job.

As the milkman. The milkman could have been seen as his employer. The milkman was something we awakened to whitewash the events. (As I see it the milkman is the side of him that came out to burn down the department store). Milkman=Boyd.

And to add onto that (I know this isn't making much sense) we could see whitewash as two different things with the same goal. The goal was to put an end to the madness. Boyd personified this as the world inside of his mind. He knows something is wrong but he can't figure it out. To whitewash the events he could revert back to the milkman and burn down the asylum or he could whitewash his mind and figure out what was really happening.

Here is the extremely hard to describe part. He did destroy the asylum but he was able to stop from reverting to the milkman and whitewash himself to become the milkman instead of Boyd. I think this was helped by having Fred there as I think that if he had destroyed it the second he had lit the milk he would still be the milkman.

You know what? Boyd is confusing to type about. Leave me alone to my thinkings.
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