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Originally Posted by Darth_Ave2011
hahaha, that's evil and funny!!!
Oh, MAN. I am so glad you didn't totally yell at me. Usually people do that. I LOVE YOU!

And I'll bet the G-Men are at Starbucks right now, hating the censors. I'd hate the censors too if they stole my screentime. Seriously, did they have to be all dramatic and pop out of the cars?

OMFG. WAIT. Are the G-Men REALLY bad guys? They were trying to find the Milkman and arrest him, and the Milkman is always a-burning stuff. In the grand scheme, aren't they GOOD guys?

Censors- NO! You guys are going down.
G-Men- No. It is you who are going down. We are a gang. We live in the ghetto. Our brass knuckles attract all the chixxorx
Why would people yell at you for having opinions. Now that's weird.

The G-men are nuetral. They may do things but only if it helps their cause. What is their cause?

That information is strictly for the road crew.
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