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Jax braced himself. Rezillo walked towards him. Jax felt a sudden surge of hatred. This man had stolen his best friend! Jax raised his hand but stopped. This was ecactly what would happen. He could not give into hate.But hatred was pusling through him. Rezillo sesning Jax's weakness attacked. Jax dodged and struck at Rezillo and as he did he felt a pain in his heart and felt a new rush of anger. Jax struck again, more anger fueld through him. Jax stopped. Rezillo laughed.
"You see? Every strike you make brings you closer to the dark side!"
Jax glimpsed at his hand. sure enough it was turning grey. Jax looked up and threw his lightsaber to the side.
"I will never join you" he said queitly
"and you know I won't kill you"
Rezillo nodded
"Your ties with your friends is your biggest weakness"
Jax stood silently waiting for Rezillo to strike him down
"I value bravery and pride...but these things will be your downfall"
"Strike me down then. I refuse to become a tool of the sith"
Rezillo smiled again
"all in good time" he gave a wicked laugh....


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