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Originally Posted by Purple Squid
Why do you keep doing this to me? It's one thing to innuendo someone every once in a while, but all the time? Pssht. Spreading it thin.

RAWR. Another creepy moment in the game is watching Boyd as he has nervous spasms in front of the tower, ready to throw in the bottle and do his job... watch his face. So much detail.
(This has turned into the creepy thread)

Another creepy part is when you steal Gloria's trophy. The face she makes...scary, just scary. Her voice is also pretty strange. It sounds like she's talking through something. Maybe that's more symbolism.

Cool but creepy.

Loboto's first brain expirement was creepy. The whole mind**** of it all. Gah! He walks like a spider and has a devil mouth. Something that makes him extremely cool.
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