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Gus's fever was getting worse as he used up all his energy banging and hitting the door. He couldn't let his friends fall, whever Stu was, he wished he was here to help. Gus reached into his robe's pocket and took out his old lightsaber. His sith lightsbaer. He still kept it, it was much more powerfull than his current one. On a succsesful hit, the opponent will be stunned for 10 seconds, but sadly it didn't always work like that. DUH! It finally came to him. All he had to do was use his saber. The bright red saber lashed through the doors lock and the doors burst oipen. There, was a weaponless Jax and a laughing Rezillo. He wuldn't let his friends fall, even if it meant risking his life to the darkness deep within his heart. He unleahed it. The darkness took control of him and he relized that this gift of darkness was there for a reason. To stop the sith, not become one. He fed off the darkness, but he did not let it take control of his anger and hate. He used it like Lord Revan, his great grandfather would've. A small black orb hovered above his palm, with purple energy inside of it, glowing bright. His signature power. The one power no one else had. Only he knew the move. Every force user has one... they just have yet to discove it. His power, was the Heart of the Force.
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