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s'alright... we all make mistakes sometimes.
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Renee opened the first door she came to. There was the same medal lion creature. It glared at Renee with it's bright yellow eyes. Renee wanted to close the door, but something made her keep from closing the door.

It was the lion's paw a sharpe peice of a 2" by 4" was in the lion's paw.

Renee felt sorry for the poor creature and slowly walked over to it. After all this creature almost took of Jake's head.

The lion, who was sitting down at the time, lepted up on all fours, but quickly sat back down and glare hatefully at it's paw.

"Do you want me to pull it out?" Renee asked gently.

The lion growled in distrust and tried to back away from Renee.

Renee stopped and looked at the lion in pity. "Please... let me help you." Renee said as gently as she could.

The lion did nothing as Renee Stepped up to it's paw."This is gonna hurt for a while." Renee said as she pulled on the stick with all her might. The lion roared in agony.

The stick moved a little bit , but it still wasn't even close to being out of the paw.

"Hang on I have another idea, but you have to keep the paw as still as you can. Alright? Can you do that for me?"Renee asked soothingly.

The lion nodded and put it's other paw on the wounded one.

Holding the piece of wood with her mental hand Renee managed to pull the piece out of the paw. Quickly Renee reached into her med pack and pulled out some bandages. Bounding the lions paw Renee said gently."There you go all fixed up!"

Renee walked out the door with the lion's watchful eyes watching. "See you later." Renee said and was about to close the door when the lion walked over to her and nugged her arm.

Renee looked at the lion as it layed down. "You want me to ride you?" Renee asked gently.

The lion nodded.

Renee lepted onto the lion's back and sped off
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