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that didnt last because i
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Razputin, topside, led the original trio onward, and came to a hall of three doors.

"Well. We're splitting up now. Vernon, Left. Raz, Right. I just have a sense that I'm gonna go center, and trust me, I have to be the one to save my dad." They walked into the doors, and suddenly Robert was in a giant flaming inferno. It was Milla's full nightmare. A blazing house, children running and screaming, and he cried. He couldn't change history, but he could stop her nightmare while she dreamed. He guided the children outside of the house, and climbed up the stairs. He knew up in Milla's head she was having a good dream. As he ran through a hallway, rafters fell from the ceiling, and part of the floor collapsed. He ran to see his father tied to a support pillar.

"Dad!" He quickly summoned a Psi-Blade and cut through the rope, as his father quickly broke free. "I've seen this all a thousand times, thank god you're here. We've only got a few seconds before it hits the propane tank, and the combustion blows the whole place up.

Robert looked to the gigantic stained-glass temple wall at the edge of the mansion, grabbed his father, and ran. "This is a stupid idea," he growled between breaths, "but there's no way to get out with a smart idea." As he dived out, the explosion blew him forward, out of the eerie blackness into a gigantic cavern. The entrance caved down upon them due to their collision into the wall.

"There's gotta be another way out of here," Robert said, noticing that Gwen had tagged along the whole time. (just cuz Purple isn't here.)

"Dad, are we almost out of your mind?"

"No, this is just the beginning."

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