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Jax watched as Rezillo was flugn back. Rezillo's laughter increased.
" think you can take me down? Your power blinds you Gus"
Rezillo struck at Gus. He skid across the floor. Rezillo stopped laughing when he saw Gus's determined face.
"It's time to bring out the big guns" Rezillo got out a double bladed lightsaber. In one hand he wheeled it in the other a single. His lightsaber skills were amazing. He controlled the swords so well Jax could not believe it. Maybe they had underestimated him. Jax jumped up. He used the force to grab his lightsaber and strcuk at Rezillo to stop him cutting Gus in two. Rezillo blocked Jax's attack and kicked him back. He then hit Gus with the hilt of his double bladed saber.
"You want to play with a sith lord? Lets play!"
Rezillo jumped up and kicked Jax in the face. Jax bounced back. Jax got out his green saber and ignited it. Jax got up and attacked. Rezillo was ready he blocked Jax's attack. Jax could feel the anger surging within him. This didn't make any sense. A few moments ago Gus was sure that the prophecy was true and now he was saying it wasn't? Jax didn't know what to think. He felt anger, hatred, fear all rush to his head and he struck again, he sliced Rezillo's double blade in two. Rezillo stepped back and picked up one of the peices.
"very good Jax" he said softly


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