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"Jax, clear your thoughts!" If Jax didn't listen he'd fall too easily.
He jumped up and ignited his red lightsaber. His sith lightsaber. It changed to a deep shade of blue and Gus smiled.
He lashed out at Reillo, using his true acrobatic skills to dodge, strafe, and dash. He jumped up and landed behind Rezillo, and with a swing of his saber he managed to tear some of his robes. He used Force Push and then quickly switched to his Heart of the Force orb. He blasted at Rezillo, hitting him in the chest. He put his lightsaber away and fell on hios knees. He had to take deep breaths to regain all his strength. He glanced up. The ceiling was cracking at the top.... weird... BOOM! an explosion blew a hole right through the roof. The bomb. The rebublic. All attacking at the same time. He ignited his saber and healed HJax and himself using Force Heal.
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