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Jax coughed. He automatically put his hand to his mouth. Blood.....his hand was covered in it. It was happening Jax was turning to the dark side. Rezillo stood behind him looking directly at him.
"This wasn't meant to happen" He said softly
"It was meant to be him not you" he said pointing at Gus
"But no big deal...there will be a new sith within the hour regardless if i live or die"
Jax knew it was true. He picked up his lightsaber
"I will never turn to the darkside" he said in almost a whisper
"It has to happen"
"no it dosn't"
"It does, as long as you breath"
"then...I wont breath" Jax turned his lightsaber on to himself
"what? what are you doing? Don't be a fool!"
Jax stared at him
"I never thought It would be you that caused my death Rezillo" Jax said his voice breaking
"Jax? No!"
Jax raised the blade
"DO IT!" Rezillo said smiling
Jax raised the blade and threw it. It hit Rezillo in the chest. Rezillo choked. Jax fell to his knees a tear in his eye. Rezillo looked at him and hit the floor. This was it. Jax would fall to the dark side or die. Jax looked up and screamed until he had no breath left. He felt a flicker. his lightsaber turned red. His eyes slid out of focus. The prophecy was true...Jax had fallen. He could not let his friends suffer. He turned to Gus.
"Get out" he said in a weak voice.
"leave me here to die" An explosion ripped the silence. The rebels had almost destroyed the ship.
"Go" he said his voice deeper and rougher
"I am of no use now, I have....fallen"

(depending on where it goes from here I might change this post later)


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