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What d' you mean exactly with a five mile venture? It sounds interesting.
As for myself, well...
Last Friday, since both of my parents weren’t home; by 8 PM, I put on my hat, my trench coat and a couple of other (rather “Noirish”) clothing, and started to walk alone. I had no place to go, so I decided to go from bar to bar (Mind you, I do not drink), and simple pass the night like that. I had diner at an old restaurant, and by 11 PM, I went to a classic bar, which has the look of the 30s that I like so much. There, I played pool with a couple of strangers and drank some coffee. Finally by 1 AM, I decided it was time to go home, and started to walk back home. There’s a fifty-block distance between my house and the center of the city (where the bar is located), so I spent the long walk meditating and reflecting. I finally arrived home by half-past three, and realised that I have spent one of the best nights of my life.
After reading this boring story, I hope that you get the state of mind that I constanly live in; and perhaps even realise the sort of amazinlgy strange and lonely perosn I am. I'm always quite nostalgious, and right now, I'm full of melancholy over this past incident.
In the words of the beautiful Lauren Bacall, “I’m essentially a loner”.
What the point of this boring anecdote is, I can’t remember, but I hope that you enjoyed it or whatsoever…

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