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(( sorry, fill out a character sheet first ))

"Gus? Gus are you okay? Gus?" Gus opened his eyes to find himself being squeezed against Kailtlyn. "Hi, Kait.... Jax? Is he okay"
'He's in th medbay. You were too, but you seem fine now... I hope."
He kissed Kaitlyn on her red cheeks and thanked her for helping out. "No problem, Gus"
Gus sat up and used his Force Heal to try and stabilize his blood flow. Much better. He seemed to ahev some more energy now and he decided to get out of bed when it struck him. A wave of flames came through him. His fever was worse now. His head felt like a hot fire and beads of sweat dripped down his face. He lay back down and Kaitlyn moved closer. :sorry... about the fever."
"It's not your fault, anyways, Kait"
"I'll go get some ice, stay here."
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