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I'll buy the game but if it turns out to be like the beta or something, I'll just return it to get store credit. You can actually do that with EB games.

The beta really turns me off but I can't help but have fun when running around a Rebel ship, shooting people using turrets as they do nothing against me. Tons of fun. But besides that, I don't like it. It just feels way too fast.

Originally Posted by italegion
i agree!
but the mod should be really well done: i applied the mod Forgotten Hope to BF1942 and was spectacular. Forgotten Hope 2 (for BF2) appears even greater (here they have released some screenshots)

Galactic Conquest for BF1942 wasnt so great.

where are serious starwars fan modders?
teach to Pandemic how a pc-game should be done making a fantastic sw total conversion for BF2 ..
Also, I agree there. GC wasn't that great of a mod, however it was fun at times.

As for the BFII, if it really is going to turn out the way people are envisioning it, or at least the way I am, I think a BF2 mod based off of Star Wars would be a lot better.
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