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Originally Posted by The Doctor
Two words: DOCTOR WHO
If I think its within my abilities, I'm happy to make avys and sigs for people, but you might want to be a bit more specific. (In fact, for me its been a learning experience. So, it works out for me too!)

What exactly do you want?

Originally Posted by REDJOHNNYMIKE
So I was wondering...
Would some nice forumite be so kind as to make me a sig pic,
I would like to make a recruitment poster for the Mojorific Ug Reb
and I want my new character Wrawkbacca the insult comic wookie to be the first mascot
So maybe a wookie with a mic and some kind of beverage, but looking like an old WWII poster?
I tried finding some wookiee pics that would be good for this. Well, I failed. All I could find where closeups or really bad costumes. hehe.

If anyone as a good base pic, this sounds like fun.
I'm not the greatest artist, but I'm willing!

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