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All hope is lost: The begening

Ok here the story line, there a huge space battle between the rebels and the imperials, with captial ships dog fights and everything like that. The rebels are extremly out numbered, so the rebels are calling this a sucides battle. If you on the rebels you start from the extremly damage ship. Weponds are off line and the engiens are offline, and they can;t be fixed. The imps start from the lead captial star destoryer. Rules, can't kill anybody, or control anybody, or no super size nukes that blow up everthing. So my stats
Name: John Landcaster
Side: Rebels
Faction(primary postion): Ghost Assault Team Commander
Item: Standern Ghost Assault Team equiment, plus dagger
I am john landcaster the commander of the 23rd Ghost Assasult Team commpony,thease most elite marines of the rebels. Then are capaile of jumping out of transport ships and then cutting into the enemy ship useing fusion cutters. As soon as the power went out on the ship i knew it was time to suit up.
(ok have fun)

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