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Originally Posted by splitsecond
Jake looked over to Renee and thought "wtf is she doing.......wait is she going to" with that Jake stepped back and covered his eyes "great thinking if hes a real shadow then light should destroy him"
"That's right Jake! Now close yours eyes and cover Region's ... this is gonna be bright!" Renee cried joyfully.

Jake quickly ran over to Region and covered the lion's eyes, but had some difficulty. Since the lion wanted to see what his new found friend was up to. When Jake managed to do this task Jake closed his eyes, while Renee slid off of Region.

Renee covered her heart with both hands and then, glaring at the shadow, thrusted her arms towards the shadow.

A box made of pure light flew at the shadow and, with a few times of trying to catch the now fleeing shadow, managed to catch the evil thing.

"In a few a few seconds that shadow will be gone for good!" Renee laughed happily.

There was a terrible shriek coming from inside the box and then in almost an instant it stopped. The box disappeared and Renee sighed thankfully.

"It put up a good fight, but in the end I won."Renee said smiling at Jake who now opened his eyes. "It just goes to show that light always prevails over the dark." Renee finished as Jake uncovered Region's eyes.
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