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Originally Posted by Atkins
Well the beta is free... There not losing any money over it, I,m just getting people hyped up for the game, makin them more excited about the game hence wanting them to buy the game quicker, so really they ow me money.... Or they at least ow not suing me
They might figure that by limiting the screenshots they can actually hype the game up more, by making it more "special." I'm just speculating here. That's why they give "exclusives" to magazines and sites that break the "first new screenshots" or "first screenshots of" whatever.

That and since it's a beta, they might be concerned that shots taken from it by amateurs might not show it in the best possible light to their target audience.

I'm sure we here don't care, but I'm just speculating about their logic.

In any case, nobody has said anything to me yet about not allowing the shots, but if they do, we'll take them down out of respect for them.

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