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The moment the government found out about my secret they'd be after me, but I guess, even though this is a fantasy wish, mind trick would be my second choice. I'd rather have telekinesis (rather than just one power like "pull" or something). You could apply this to so many things.

It would be awesome! And then I could take my power and win James Randi's Million Dollar prize for proof of paranormal powers. Then I could invest the money, etc.

Perhaps use the money to get some body guards and a good lawyer to keep the government off my back, and maybe join the circus or something to earn a living off of it. I'm sure I could discover other uses for telekinesis, other than silly little things to impress your friends or make boring tasks more fun.

Now one could say with the Mind Trick I could get all that, but ultimately it's just a really cool power that is so exotic (lightning is too, but this is just more useful).

Seeing the future might be depressing and and take a lot of the fun out of life, but if you just wanted to be rich, this would be the easiest. You could clean out vegas pretty easily.

On the other hand with telekinesis you could skew a die roll (like Qui Gon does) but it feels even more like you're cheating. How could they prove you could see the future and accuse you of something? But with telekinesis they might be able to claim you had a magnet in your hand to affect the dice somehow...

You could also use Mind Trick to help people. Sure you'd be "tricking" some, but you could use it to help others.

Could Force Lightning be used to charge up batteries? You could be your own source of power! Get an electric car and you'd be set! Long as you aren't stuck in the Dark Side with other bad consequences for having it of course (many of us get mad having to get up early to go to work/school so that could supply the motivation for throwing lightning to charge up your car!).

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