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Originally Posted by Bob Lion54
If I think its within my abilities, I'm happy to make avys and sigs for people, but you might want to be a bit more specific. (In fact, for me its been a learning experience. So, it works out for me too!)

What exactly do you want?

I tried finding some wookiee pics that would be good for this. Well, I failed. All I could find where closeups or really bad costumes. hehe.

If anyone as a good base pic, this sounds like fun.
I'm not the greatest artist, but I'm willing!
It doesn't matter. The Doctor, The Master, The Tardis, any of the companions... You could get ideas from my site:
You can find pics of all The Doctors their, as well as a picture of The Tardis. For the Master/companions, you can google search to find samples of them. Just a warning, if you look for Romana, you will get two different women (see my site for deatils) and The Master will have three different guys (again, see my ite to find out why). You could also do the Daleks!
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