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Originally Posted by Klia
I assumed that you were a guy at first. But upon spending more time with you, you became a being of higher entity without the need for such organs. But then you became female.

You know Smon was the first one I talked to on these boards. They were like god, and so was TyraaRane as was Agent-Sarah.

Those two are still pretty high up there on the 'totally awesome' factor. Actually, a lot of people on these boards are on the 'totally awesome' thing.

I wonder what happened to a lot of the older posters here. I'm guessing they got bored with Psychonauts or are too mature for us squealing fangirls. I'm going for the later....sigh...and I want so much to give something back to the folks at DoubleFine besides wasting all my money on their overpriced merchandise.
I don't need these organs, I only have them to keep people from fearing me. I'm truly a glowing ball of godly plasma.


Am I 'totally awesome'?

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