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I was going to include the Dantooine and Coruscant Jedi Councils, Revan and Malak (obviouosly), Bastila as one of Revan's not-so-close friends, Carth as a Republic Lieutenant, Canderous as a soldier who almost kills Carth (they don't recognize each other later because of helms, or whatever - I'll explain in the story) but gets attackedhimself by someone trying to save Carth (probably a junior officer who thinks of Carth as a father and dies saving him).
I wasn't planning on using the Exile, maybe mentioning him/her (haven't decided which I'll use yet) in passing. I plan on doing part one in the Mandalorian wars; Part two (very short) during the search for Revan and his fleet; and Part three during the war with Revan. It will end with Revan's capture, maybe on the Endar Spire.
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