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Originally Posted by Leviathan
A "Solo Slingshot" is an assault's technique using the distortions of a Basal Dovin. A star-ship just have to let it getting "trapped" into one of those Yuuzhan Vongs' "weapons" and realize a certain operation to be catapulted out of the distortion field...
Leviathan, you mustve been tired when you wrote that answer

This technique was serendipitously discovered ny Han Solo when he encountered a dovin basal mine...namely a Yuuzhan Vong engineered mine with an ability to project gravity distortions (usuallu used for shielding purposes)

Han dove the Falcon at the mine and at the last minute ramped power up to fly away from the mine. With the power being sufficient to overcome the mines projected gravity, the dovin basal effectively gave the falcon an extra push.

Even in our world, the principle of this technique was used when deploying various satellites and space probes, relying on the gravity of planets/moons of course

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